Saturday, July 9, 2011

Keeping up with the CSA

One of my challenges (fun challenge) this year is having a full share, I split a share with a friend for the last two years. When making the decision to have a full share for our family I decided that each week items would need to be stored – freezer or canning. I spent yesterday morning doing just that. Here are the projects I worked on.

Frozen Carrots
I sliced the carrots, blanched them in boiling water for two minutes, drained them and cooled them. I used a freezer bag to store them in the freezer. As always I replied on my favorite website for freezing vegetables - see side panel of blog.

Sausage, Potato, and Kale Soup
I made this soup to freeze. I split it in half for storage, I’m thinking we’ll get two meals out it in the fall. It made the house smell so good. I love that you puree half the broth and potatoes together to make a creamy broth for the whole soup, but still have some of those lovely potato chunks.

Freezing Basil and Parsley
Got the ice cube trays out and froze some more herbs.

Salsa Verde
Okay, this one wasn’t for storage purposes. This project put some of the herbs into a more usable form. The original recipe suggests using it to toss with vegetables like green beans, potatoes, or summer squash. It can also be used to drizzle on meat, chicken, or seafood. How about as a sandwich spread? It also goes well with eggs. ENJOY!

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