Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chicken Tacos with Slaw and Avocado Cream

Dinner was good. The slaw that goes on these tacos was the highlight. I’ve been dreading cabbage from the CSA. It’s not my favorite and it took me a long time to use the cabbage from our winter share. It was delightful to find a cabbage recipe I enjoyed.

Friday Menu – Chicken Tacos with Slaw and Avocado Cream
Farm Share Food – Cabbage, Scallions, Basil

Chicken Tacos with Slaw and Avocado Cream

For the most part I followed this recipe, there are just a few things worth noting.
Recipe NOTES:
· The original recipe is called Ancho Chicken Tacos with Cilantro Slaw and Avocado Cream
o I didn’t have Ancho Chile Powder, so I used regular Chile Powder. I think the dish could have used a bit of a kick that might have been provided by the Ancho Chile Powder. Going to use regular and want a bit of heat – add some cayenne.
o Our CSA didn’t have Cilantro this week, but we did have Basil, so I substituted. I saw no need to buy a bunch of Cilantro when I had all these great herbs in the fridge AND the slaw was great. I bet it will also be good when we get some Cilantro.
· I thought the Avocado Cream had too much lime. This is funny to me because I always think anything with lime could use a little bit more lime. Here is why it had too much lime, I used more rind and juice than called for. I also used plain yogurt as a substitute for the sour cream. The sour cream may have given a better flavor.

Oh yeah, I put the Salsa Verde on the side. See it in the picture there?

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