Sunday, June 16, 2013

Recipe Reviewed: Browned Butter Pasta with Tatsoi

Easy.  Good hot or cold.  Refreshing flavors.  This is a great summer dish because I can make it quickly at any point in the day.  If we wind up eating at the pool it would be easy to transport.  If we eat at home it can be made quickly or warmed up when we are ready.  The flavors were light and crisp, perfect for warm weather.
Friday Menu – Browned Butter Pasta with Tatsoi, Salad
Farm Share Food – Tatsoi, Garlic Scapes, Cilantro, Salad Mix, Arugula, Scallions
Browned Butter Pasta with Tatsoi
The recipe called for sage, again I checked “The Flavor Bible” to see if one of our CSA herbs would work just as well.  Tatsoi wasn’t listed, but I knew from the farm that it is similar to Bok Choy.  Cilantro was the substitution of choice.  I think using cilantro contributed to the refreshing flavor.  Sage would give this dish a richer flavor. 
I added chopped up garlic Scapes to the butter when I seasoned it with salt and pepper.  You can’t go wrong with garlic and greens.
Thank you to the “The Flavor Bible” by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg.

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