Monday, May 10, 2010

Market Menu Week of May 9

It was freezing at the market!!!! My hands were so cold by the time I was paying the last vendor I could barely give him a quarter.

I got asparagus, carrots, eggs, potatoes, scallions, and salad greens.

For the garden I got a purple basil plant. I have some fascinating recipes that use purple basil tucked away. I was excited to see the plant so we could grow it and try those recipes out soon.

With the craziness of soccer and baseball season at our house the menu is getting a little repetitive. Here is the plan for this week…

Sunday – Goan Curry Braised Beef with Potatoes
Meatless Monday – same Dal as last week using local onions and cilantro
Tuesday – Shaved Asparagus with Spaghetti and Seared Tuna fillets
Wednesday – Chicken Satay and Grilled Sweet Potatoes
Thursday – Shrimp with Scallions and Roasted Potatoes
Friday – Pizza and Salad
Saturday – no good plan yet, it is never what I plan for anyway

In my countdown to CSA time I’ll do a post this week about roasting and blanching vegetables…tip and which vegetables work the best with those methods.

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