Monday, May 3, 2010

Market Menu Week of May 2

The market was outdoors! And it was a beautiful day.

I just put the highlights in the picture. The radishes are called breakfast radishes. I like their long look. The tomatoes just look so good. They are on the windowsill and I’m shocked my 4 year old hasn’t asked to eat the whole basket yet. The asparagus made the picture because it’s my spring favorite and it won’t be in season much longer.

Here’s the whole list…

Carrots Рgoing to saut̩ again, it was such a big hit last week
Sweet potatoes – grilled sweet potatoes
Onions – I think they will be in our Meatless Monday Dal and Homemade Sloppy Joes
Lettuce – salad standby
Broccoli rabe Рsaut̩ with craisins
Cilantro – always good to have around
Tomatoes – for the 4 year old and if there are any left into a salad they’ll go
Asparagus – Springtime Asparagus Pizza
Radishes – Stir Fried

Approximately one month till CSA time. I’m going to write a special entry each week to get ready. Check back this week, I’m going to put together some stuff on kids and a CSA.

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