Friday, April 30, 2010

Jamie Oliver's 9 Food Rules.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Here are my(Jamie Oliver speaking) 9 Food Rules.

1. Cook at home

2. Avoid packaged foods

3. Avoid too much refined sugar

4. Trade refined grains for whole grains

5. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

6. Teach my kids to cook and use many different ingredients

7. Read labels and reject what I don’t understand

8. Choose food grown and raised close to home

9. Try new foods

I love Jamie’s food rules for day to day life.. Here are a couple of thoughts…

Rule 1: I’m not giving up going out to eat! I love going out to eat. There is a lot I can make at home, but I still love going to my favorite Afghan restaurant, out for sushi, or getting authentic ethnic food of any variety.

Rules 2 & 7: I thought Jamie said the best thing during the show. He suggested reading labels and if they read like your Grandmother’s pantry, buy it, feed it to your kids, and enjoy. If there are lots of ingredients you aren’t familiar with, leave it on the shelf. I tried it this week with a new applesauce with berries, knew lots of the ingredients, and my kids have a new favorite snack.

Rule 4: I’ve almost replaced every grain in our house with whole grain.

Rule 6: In Jamie’s TED talk he suggested kids leave home for college, etc. knowing how to make 6 -9 dishes. My kids can currently make pizza…8 to go. Thank God I have 11 years till they leave.

Rule 8: YEAH local food! Can’t wait for the outdoor markets this week!

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