Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Roasted Beets with Balsamic Glaze

Two bunches of beets were just taunting me from the fridge.  I try so hard to like the beets, but it takes till they taunt me to make something out of them.  This recipe was good to roast them, some got eaten for dinner and some got frozen to make my favorite Beet Red Velvet Cake – an application for beets I get excited about.

Monday Menu – Adobo Tuna Steak, Coconut Rice, Beets with Balsamic Glaze
Farm Share Food – Beets

These were actually good and made a lovely addition to our garden salad the next night.
Roasted Beet with Balsamic Glaze
From Simple Recipes

2 bunches of beets, greens removed
Olive Oil
½ cup balsamic vinegar
2 t sugar
1/8 t cayenne pepper
Trim the tops and bottoms off the beets.  Wrap beets rubbed in olive oil and sprinkled with salt in foil and roast on a baking sheet in a 400 degree oven for an hour.  After one hour test the beets by poking with the tine of a fork.  If the fork tines go in easily the beets are done.  If they are not done after one hour, continue to check them every 15 minutes.
To prepare the glaze add the balsamic vinegar, sugar, and cayenne pepper to a shallow pan on low-medium heat.  Cook until the vinegar has reduced to a syrup, when you can run your stirring utensil through the liquid and it does not immediately run back together.
When the beets have cooled, peel them and cut them into bite size chunks.  When the glaze is done toss it with the beets and serve.

I will say this, I do love greens and will try this BeetGreens recipe next time I have beets.

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