Monday, September 6, 2010

Garden Bounty

We visited some family on Saturday night. The house we were at has a fabulous garden. We were looking at an aerial view of the property before going to pick vegetables from the garden and the garden took up more space on the property than the house. That gives you the idea of the bounty in this garden. I almost felt like I’d come home from CSA pick-up.

We got…

Eggplant, Peppers – long, sweet, green ones, Tomatoes – beefsteak, small plum, and little round ones, Zucchini

My plans…

I have this eggplant curry that freezes really well. I’m excited about my bonus eggplant and will probably make the curry to freeze. I make the rice when I serve the dish – this rice is so aromatic it fills the house with good smells.
TIP: Swap out the chicken stock for vegetable stock and you’ve got a perfect vegan dish. I never use the butter in the rice.

I cut these up into strips and froze them. Perfect for fajitas sometime in the winter.

I was getting all geared up to make sauce when my husband came to me and asked me to please just leave the tomatoes alone. He asked, “Couldn’t we just eat them, especially the small ones – they are like candy?” You know I tend to want to make something out of everything and forget that lots of our summer treasures are just so good all by themselves.
BUT some of them were really banged up and perfect sauce tomatoes, so I made this tomato broth. It is going in the freezer and in the winter I’ll make my favorite Creamy Tomato Pesto Soup – stayed tuned.
This broth could be used as vegetable broth, especially in recipes where tomatoes are the star or you’d like to highlight the tomato flavor.

I’m going to make loaves and loaves, and maybe some muffins of Zucchini bread.

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