Friday, June 3, 2011

Seared Fish with Beets and Broccoli

The second 40 pound vegetable box from the winter share is now officially gone – I’ll be happy not to see another beet until next year’s winter share. It’s good, because we will have CSA vegetables in 11 days (but who’s counting). Our CSA is delayed by a week, the farm had a terrible thunder/hail storm and some early crops were destroyed. Very sad. In other more upbeat and adventurous news I will have a full share this year. I’m hoping to store many things and write about methods and ideas for filling the freezer and pantry shelves.

Thursday Menu – Seared Fish with Beets and Broccoli
Farm Share Produce - Beets

Seared Fish with Beets and Broccoli

My review would be, it’s a dish with beets. It was actually an okay beet dish. I didn’t change anything, but be sure and follow the link to see a beautiful purple representation of the dish.

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