Thursday, December 9, 2010

Popcorn on the Cob


The directions I liked best said to place my cob of corn in a paper bag and pop it like microwave popcorn. I did this and waited till I heard the popping stop. This is what I got. We didn't like the popcorn's taste, not to mention the fact not much popped.

Any one got a good suggestion for popcorn on the cob?

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  1. I tried it tonight and it actually worked great! It was spilling out of the bag everywhere though because it couldn't hold it all. It was quite fun to watch. From what I have read online they say how well it pops depends on the moisture level of the cob...I think dryer is better. I could be wrong. But we have had them for a couple week and I just tried the first one tonight. If you have any left, try it again. It makes a TON!