Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My husband waits all year for the tomatoes from the CSA, or the garden, or some other local source for Gazpacho. We scored 5 gigantic tomatoes from a friend’s garden and we made Gazpacho. YEAH for tomatoes!

Sunday Menu – Gazpacho, Nice Crusty Bread
Farm Share Produce – Cucumber, Corn, Jalapeno, Basil
Other Local Produce – Tomatoes

I don’t have a recipe with amounts for Gazpacho. I just make it by putting in the blender or food processor the following ingredients. I make sure that tomatoes and cucumbers are the most abundant and do everything else to taste. We find the blender makes it more liquid and the food processor provides a little more chunkiness to the soup. The avocado is the secret to the Gazpacho so loved in our home.

Gazpacho components

Olive Oil
Vinegar (only one or two dashes)
Salt & Pepper
Hot Sauce
Basil Lemon Juice

This is my basic list. This time I put in a jalapeno and some corn. I like to add a bell pepper too.

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