Sunday, March 28, 2010

Market Menu Week of March 28

Ciabatta, green garlic, radishes, red leaf lettuce, red onion, spinach, sweet potatoes…these are my treasures I got at this week’s market.

The green garlic is the scallion/leek like vegetable the length of the bottom of the picture. I almost dismissed them thinking they were scallions and then I noticed the sign. I asked the vendor if they were to be used just as you would garlic. He said yes and that you can use the whole thing, all the way up the green. He told us they are the beginning of growing garlic and that as the plant gets older the bottom forms the bulb we usually associate with garlic. The green garlic reminds me of the garlic scapes we get at the beginning of CSA season. My mother in law was with us when we got the garlic scapes last year and was excited to learn she could use the scapes - what forms out of the top of the plant – from the garlic in her garden.

Market Menu

Meatless Monday – Red Leaf Salad with Sweet Potatoes, Fresh Tomato Sauce and Pasta
(Green Garlic, Red Leaf Lettuce, Red Onion, Sweet Potatoes)

Mom Meal (a meal for an expecting friend) – Indian Dahl with Spinach

Baby Shower for my first niece – Arugula Bruschetta with Radishes
(Radishes, Frozen Arugula Pesto)

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