Monday, September 23, 2013

Recipe Reviewed: Ricotta Pizza with Fresh and Roasted Tomatoes

Ever so rarely the tomatoes come in such abundance that they just don’t get used up by the next CSA pick up.  I couldn’t believe we hadn’t even touched the Ping Pong tomatoes we got Week Fourteen.  That was okay with me because I have wanted to try Cooking Light’s Aromatic Slow Roasted Tomatoes for years and in the October 2013 issue they have updated the recipe as SlowRoasted Grape Tomatoes.  The updated version is quicker.  I roasted myself some Ping Pong Tomatoes.
Then I didn’t know what to do with them.  That’s when I found the recipe for Ricotta Pizza with Fresh and Roasted Tomatoes.  YUM!
Other uses for Roasted Tomato:
Crostini with Ricotta and Roasted Tomato
Mix with Olive Oil and Serve with Crusty Bread
Pasta and Roasted Tomatoes
Add to Salad or Scrambled Eggs

Aromatic Slow Roasted Tomatoes
Slow Roasted Grape Tomatoes
Ricotta Pizza with Fresh and Roasted Tomatoes

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