Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Green Bean Spaghetti Carbonara

Green Bean Spaghetti Carbonara
From EveryDay with Rachael Ray September 2011

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½ pound spaghetti
1-2 handful green beans, trimmed into bite size pieces
2-3 strips bacon
½ onion, chopped
2 eggs
½ cup parmesan cheese
Salt and Pepper, to taste

Cook pasta according to package directions. Add green beans halfway through cooking time. Drain pasta and reserve 1 cup of cooking water.

Meanwhile, in a skillet brown the bacon over medium heat. Allow to drain and when cool crumble. Reserve 1-2 T of bacon grease in the skillet and cook onion until soft and beginning to turn golden. Add bacon back in with the onions. Deglaze with a bit of the reserved pasta water and remove the skillet from the heat.

In a small bowl whisk the eggs with the cheese. In the skillet combine the eggs, bacon and onion mixture, and pasta with green beans. Add a bit of the reserved pasta water to get the texture you would like for the pasta dish. Discard any unused pasta water. Season pasta dish with salt and pepper and serve.

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