Friday, January 28, 2011

Four Days to CSA sign up day

Yesterday I mentioned that we will continue to share our vegetable share for 2011. The relationship I’ve developed with my share partner is very important to me. We not only get to Ohhh and Ahhh over our vegetables together and share recipes, but our families have also formed lasting relationships. We trade kids back and forth during CSA season, to give each other some alone time and then the alone person picks up the CSA. The kids love being together and having a regular playdate.
Friendship is another reason having a CSA is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Community and friendship are also a much larger part of our CSA. Our first year, I was happily stunned at how many people I knew who had a share. Picking up the CSA is one of my favorite activities, I get to see lots of people (and get excited about all I’m going to cook that week). Beyond my share partner, lots of my friends have a share. We can all swap recipes, or visit the farm together on a work day. New connections are also formed - people I’ve seen and met at CSA pick up also happen to be a part of our elementary school community or work with us, etc. I also love chatting and comparing notes with people who have another CSA. What are they getting? What have they learned from their farmer?

Building community and forming friendships is a part of having a CSA that has been a wonderful gift for me

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