Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Freezing Broccoli and Kale

I still had broccoli and kale, and more vegetables on the way today. It’s got to be frozen and saved. I’m always happy to have items from the farm stored in the freezer.

I’ve shared this site a couple of times – it is the best! It gives great advice on how to freeze and store all the summer bounty. It’s in my list of links – Freezing Vegetables.


For the broccoli…

I blanched it for 3 minutes. Drained and let it cool. I spread it out on platter to dry and then freeze. Once frozen, I stored it in a freezer bag.

For the kale…

I blanched it for 3 minutes. Drained and let cool. I placed in a freezer bag and then pulled it apart, just so it wasn’t one big clump of a ball. I tried to have it fill the whole bag and lay flat on a drawer in the freezer to freeze.

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