Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm only going to buy...

I left for the market this morning and I was only going to stock up on muesli and get some eggs and green garlic. But then I found these treasurures.

The zucchini looking item is called a Lita. I had never heard of it, so had to buy it. The farmer described it as drier than a regular squash and great for the grill. I'll let you know.

My kids LOVE to shell peas. I love to freeze shelled peas to have on hand for recipes and a quick veggie side dish for the kids. They adore frozen peas and eat them for dinner at least twice a week.

The peas are in the freezer now on this tray. I like to freeze them like this and then put them in a bag. I find they don't clump this way.

Don't forget the great site with tips on freezing vegetables. It's in my list of links too!

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