Sunday, April 11, 2010

Market Menu Week of April 11

The busyness of our spring break caught me by surprise this year. But, the market was open this morning and I got a few things – eggs, romaine lettuce (the first of the season for that farm), and spinach. I didn’t buy any, but lots of vendors were selling annuals and herbs for the garden or a window box. I’ll keep my eyes on those, but still a little early for planting.

Market Menu

Spinach – I’m going to try a spinach lasagna recipe from the Mayo Clinic Cookbook. I’m also going to make the egg, spinach, ham pizza with a variation and replace the ham with salmon.

Romaine – Salad. I discovered instead of red wine vinegar I bought raspberry vinegar. I’m working out a salad dressing in my head.

Eggs – they’ll be used for the pizza and my kids are currently into hard boiled eggs, a perfect quick lunch.

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