Monday, April 26, 2010

Market Menu Week of April 25

I got asparagus, carrots, cilantro, red leaf lettuce, scallions (forgot to put those in the picture), and spinach.

Here’s the plan for the week…

Asparagus – Spaghetti with Shaved Asparagus – I’m making this for lunch with a friend. My husband does not care for this dish. He is CRAZY! See what you think.

Carrots – Sage Carrots, and we’ve been going through these as carrot sticks with hummus at snack time.

Cilantro – tuna with cilantro sauce, garnish

Red Leaf Lettuce – to make a simple salad with herbed-yogurt dressing that will go with a BBQ chicken pizza on tortillas

Scallions – Teriyaki Burgers

Spinach – sauté for dinner one night, maybe with the Teriyaki Burgers
Next week the year round market I've been visiting on Sundays will move outside and my favorite market will begin on Thursdays. YEAH!

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