Friday, August 24, 2012

Recipe Reviewed: Hibachi Fried Rice

I wish my kids would always eat as well as they do when we go out to Hibachi.  They gobble up everything those entertaining, knife wielding, and onion volcano making chefs put in front of them.  In my dream kitchen I’ll get a flat top grill and make up comedy routines to do each night while I make dinner for them.  Until then I found this Hibachi Fried Rice recipe that is yummy and gets those kids to gobble up CSA veggies.
Hibachi Fried Rice
I always use jasmine or basmati rice. 
My general rice cooking formula is 2 2/3 cup water, 1 1/3 cup rice, 1 T butter, and salt.  I bring the ingredients to a boil, and then let simmer 10 minutes.  It then needs to be put aside to set up.
I puree the onion with my immersion blender.  You can puree any other vegetables at this step, carrots, summer squash, zucchini, and peppers would work well.  This is why I like this recipe, it’s vegetable hiding ability.

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