Sunday, March 13, 2011

Purple Plan Week of Mar. 13

Quick and Easy Preparation

Spinach and Corn Stir Fry
Local Food: Spinach
Here is the recipe. Last time I made it I had kale around, I’ll just be substituting in spinach.

Regular Preparation (in about an hour)

Tuna, Curried Potatoes with Tomatoes and Peas
Local Food: Potatoes
Curried Potato Recipe

Spinach Linguine with Artichokes, Simple Roasted Carrots, Dutch Oven Bread
Local Food: Carrots
Simple Roasted Carrots
Leprechauns always leave us green spaghetti (spinach linguine) and we have this pasta dish every St. Patrick’s Day. This year we are going to have it with carrots and bread, then it will look like the Irish flag.

Hamburgers, Sweet Potato Fries
Local Food: Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potato Fries
I’ve blogged about this recipe, but I messed it up that night. I’ve made this several times since then and just loved these fries.

Extended Preparation

One Pot Chicken with Brown Rice with Rutabaga
Local Food: Rutabaga, Carrots
One Pot Chicken
I put this under extended preparation because it takes more than an hour, but it is a one pot meal that needs about 45 minutes to cook – so you can put it on the stove and leave it alone while it cooks.

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