Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some reading for fans of the CSA

When I looked back over the Purple Plan for this week I realized I wouldn’t have any recipes to blog about because everything has already been posted. Mid-week and I missed posting, so I thought I’d tell you a couple of things I’ve been reading.

First…a Great Article from the Huffington Post Food Section

A Conservative’s Case for Farmer’s Markets

I really enjoyed this article. Ms. Crittenden’s description of how excited she was to get her weekly vegetables and how her family watches her with amusement is the exact scene that happens in our house every week of CSA season. The author also talks about getting home cooked meals onto the table in the midst of our busy lives. I do hope my blog helps with this challenge. I believe in the CSA model and I hope that by providing recipes using CSA and local foods I can make it easier for others to get home cooked meals with local flavors to the table.

Second….a Great Book

“The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love” by Kristin Kimball

This book was so much fun to read. Ms. Kimball and her husband operate Essex Farm in upstate New York. They started farming with the concept that their farm members would rely on the farm for all their food needs. They provide members with meat, dairy, vegetables, beans, grains, and so on. Ms. Kimball is an excellent writer. She describes the atmosphere at their member pick up on the farm like a cocktail party in the third world. I want to go to that party. Ms. Kimball was a tried and true New Yorker who met and fell in love with a farmer who had a vision. This is the story of their first year of farming together on Essex Farm.

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