Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lime-Soy-Sesame Broccoli

This kicky broccoli dish is a great side and kinda quick to make.  I used the skillet to steam the broccoli, transferred the broccoli, and continued to use the same skillet for the rest of the preparation.

Wednesday MenuChicken Pot Pie, Lime-Soy-Sesame Broccoli

Farm Share Food – Broccoli

So my new goal is meal planning and I’m feeling like you are out there reading this menu saying to yourself, “What?”!!!  So life has been a little hectic with me starting a new part time job a few weeks ago that has different levels of time commitment – right now the commitment is heavy.  I was also traveling alone this weekend and did a rush job of meal planning and shopping that just made sure we wouldn’t starve this week.  AND THEN I realized the first CSA pick up was this week.  So quick and easy pot pie was on the menu, but I really wanted to make a side with the CSA veggies.  Hence the odd menu above.

If I was really meal planning and wanted to include this dish, it would look more like this...

Menu – Grilled Chicken, Zucchini Rice, Lime-Soy-Sesame Broccoli

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