Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Recipe Reviewed: French Onion Soup with Braised Short Ribs

BEST French Onion Soup ever!  I’ve wanted to make French Onion Soup with the CSA onions.  I’ve also been looking to use the short ribs I got from our CSA beef share.  Perfect match!
This recipe takes time, but it not hard.  Great for a day you are home doing household chores that require lots of breaks – folding laundry, cleaning up the toys, monitoring homework, etc.  I did not use a leek – find them expensive and don’t really like them.  I roughly chopped up about ½ cup of celeriac (from our winter share) and used that to make the broth instead.
No short ribs?  While they added texture and flavor and made the soup a whole meal – this recipe would work great as a traditional French Onion Soup.
French Onion Soup with Braised Short Ribs

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