Friday, February 4, 2011

Introducing The Purple Plan

I am introducing a new reader inspired feature. Each weekend I will post, The Purple Plan - the meals I have planned in the coming week that include CSA and local foods.
After my posting on meal planning I was asked to share my weekly menu for ideas and inspiration. I thought I would share the menu items I have planned with the following designations…

Quick and Easy Preparation

Do Ahead Preparation

Regular Preparation (in about an hour)

Extended Preparation

The designations are designed to help you in your meal planning – make a Quick and Easy Prep on the days everyone is eating at different times and in and out of the house, make a Regular Preparation on a normal everyday day.
Meal Planning Post

Winter is a good time to try this new feature, although there might not be a whole lot of menu items with CSA and local foods. BUT wait, I’m getting another 40 pound vegetable box next week, posts there will be!
Winter is good because it gives me a chance to try this feature out. Last year I would share Market Menus during the winter. I haven’t been to the winter market due to my first veggie box, sickness, and weather. I’ll get there eventually. During CSA season I would do a post each week about what we got and my plans for the items. The Purple Plan may or may not replace this weekly CSA season post. I’ll take the winter months to see how things shape up.

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