Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pantry Week Wrap UP

Actual Thursday Menu – Leftovers
And yes, it helped empty out the pantry and freezer by finishing up all that had been cooked this week AND getting rid of all those small little plastic containers in my fridge!

Actual Friday Menu – Date Night!
The kids had Spaghetti and Meatballs and peas & corn.
And yes, it also helped empty out the pantry, freezer, and fridge!

Tonight we’ll wind up getting a pizza. The chaotic fun of date night is that my friend and I are swapping babysitting duties this weekend– tonight I get to go play with her kids. It turns out it will be easy and fun because they are going to an early movie so our whole family is headed over there for playtime and pizza. In addition to the pizza I’ll bring some treats - which leads me to the debacle of Pantry Week…

Early in the week the kids and I made ice cream cone cupcakes. They have been begging to make these since they showed up at school for a birthday and then they found a recipe on the side of an ice cream cone box. It was a perfect compliment to Pantry Week. We’d use up that box ice cream cones, the box cake mix they got for Christmas, and I had tons of confectioner’s sugar in the pantry to make our icing (or so I thought). I had the butter etc. creamed and ready to add the sugar only to find the big bag I thought I had was almost empty. I was sure it would turn out fine and added all the sugar I could find. It was not fine! It was a disgusting looking blob of yuckiness. I had to throw it away. So the cupcakes went in the freezer – much to the dismay of some very disappointed children. BUT I wasn’t going to the grocery store! Today I will return to the grocery store, we’ll get some confectioners sugar, make some icing and take the cupcakes with us as a fun treat to share with our friends.

I had a great time doing this and there are still lots of good stuff stored in the pantry and the freezer, so stay tuned.

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