Monday, February 15, 2010

Pantry Week - The Shopping Experience

So the goal was to not go to the grocery store and only stock up at the local farmer’s market. So close…but we didn’t make it.

We did have a scheduled trip to our wholesale club this weekend and I thought that was a perfect way to cheat my at my self made game, stock up on a couple of essentials and avoid the grocery store. At the wholesale club we got eggs, half ‘n’ half, parmesan cheese, scallions, and the cutest little sweet peppers (a ton so I’ll have to come up with some creative uses).

BUT I needed heavy cream and only one cup for the requested Mac ‘N’ Cheese. I couldn’t justify buying the amounts at the wholesale club, so I ran in and out of the grocery store on the way home. Then Sunday afternoon came and we realized we had no OJ, minimal amounts of milk, and only frozen cubes of cheese to make the Mac ‘N’ Cheese. So my husband ran to the grocery store for those items, oh and some bread because we only had like 5 slices left. I am determined not to return to the grocery store before next Sunday!

I did have a great trip to the farmer’s market. I was able to get salad greens and tomatoes to make several great salads this week. I stocked up on onions. My favorite purchase was this fabulous muesli. I’m into a bowl of fruit with yogurt and granola on top for breakfast. I can’t wait to have some muesli for breakfast. But oh, the last of the yogurt was used up this morning – maybe I’ll have to run to the grocery store…

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